Seriously Nerdy Comedy

The funniest, nerdiest jokes
(cosplay optional)

From comic cons to corporate wonk-fests,
we’ve got the right mix of standup comedians and jokes for you

A passion for creating experiences

We’re the only Star Trek cosplay comedians on the East Coast,
but we love all the fandoms (can we call science a fandom?)

Tell us what you need and we’ll assemble the perfect team of nerds
to craft something just for you!

Things we do

Cosplay comedy
Masquerade hosting/performing
Cabaret comedy
Nerdy standup shows
headline and showcases
scifi, pop culture, science, lit, you name it!
Host panels
Private and corporate gigs

Places we’ve performed

New York Comic Con
DC Improv
Diversity & Inclusion Con
Trek Long Island
Shore Leave

Upcoming Shows

Trek Long Island (NY) – June 1-2
Shore Leave Scifi Con (PA) – July 26-28

More dates coming soon!

“The best part of the con!
I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Shore Leave Scifi Con guest

It’s Time To Make It So!